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With experience at hyper-growth technology startups in roles such as Director of Talent Strategy, Head of Training and Development and Head of People, as well as previous leadership and executive roles in talent acquisition and development, I’ve been there.  I’ve seen how investment in the right people can result in productivity, creativity, and efficacy gains. But I’ve also seen emerging leaders struggle, and in turn startups fail. 

I believe in startups, and want them to succeed.

Passionate about people development, I founded Level Up to help tech startups move through various stages of growth by keeping their people central to their culture and development, and therefore, their success.

Level Up is uniquely positioned to help new founders, leaders and managers develop both a high-achieving mindset and the fundamental skills to build best in class teams and businesses.I’ve seen the power of people first hand, and have experienced the success that can be achieved when people are genuinely motivated to work together.




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With 12 years of experience as an executive leadership coach, facilitator, and people operations leader, Carli partners with high achieving values-driven individuals and organizations to elevate leadership effectiveness and catalyze impact.  Carli has consulted with state and national governments and works with coaching clients from Fortune 500's to high growth companies like Chief, Snap and Thumback, to founders building out their businesses.


I believe in startups, and want them to succeed.

Prior to coaching, Carli was the Head of People at a high growth real estate startup and spent more than a decade managing large dispersed talent operations and leadership teams in the social impact world. 

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With a strong background in training facilitation and talent development, Colleen focuses on creating a safe and engaging environment for learners to grow.


While leading training teams as a Manager of Development and Director of Training and Programming, she partnered with a variety of start-ups focused on creating detailed onboarding programs and maximizing results. She has a passion for coaching young teams through change management and identifying professional strengths to ensure success!  


While outside of the classroom, Colleen is a concert go-er, yogi, and traveler. She loves trying new restaurants with friends and family to get through the Chicago winters.    

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